Sun, Dec 17, 2017
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About The, brainchild of Jason Cyr, was created to highlight the rare and fascinating Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. The site, however, welcomes all dog owners and not just those who own Tollers. The Toller hopes to be for dogs what Facebook is for people: a social hub for sharing achievements, experiences, photos, and videos with friends, family and others. Join us today and become part of a unique and exciting new community!


Develop a Stronger Relationship with your Dog

One of the site’s primary aims is to enrich the relationship between you and your dog. As the site expands, keep your eyes open for training tools including informative instructional videos.

The majority of advice on the site will originate from the most indispensible resource when it comes to understanding your four-footed friend - you. A Q& A feature, similar to the yahoo-based service, is in the works so community members can asked pointed questions and look to other well-seasoned dog owners for practical and helpful responses. will also be hosting both active forums and blogs, allowing members to share and highlight their own canine experiences.

Network and Build Community

One of the primary goals for the site is to become a centralized location for social communication between any and all dog owners, breeders, or simply admirers. Users can post their own videos and photos while browsing those of other site visitors, all the while leaving comments and feedback.

If you are considering joining the ranks of proud Toller parents, or want to expand your footprint as a breeder, you’ll find the site’s breeder profiles invaluable in locating or advertising availability of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppies.

Get Gear

The site has its own powered store featuring dog training and care products that get a “paws” up from A portion of proceeds from any resulting sales serve to help the site cover basic administrative costs so site frequenters can expect continuing quality and constancy of content and support.

Contact Us

Have thoughts on directions you’d like the site to take? Questions for us?

Feel free to drop us a line as the website takes shape.

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